The New Nissan Micra Elle

26 Aug

The New Nissan Micra Elle

Here, the new, limited edition Nissan Micra Elle can be seen in ‘Shiraz Red’ – one of the three colour choices available.


The Nissan Micra becomes trendy!

26 Aug

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan and top fashion magazine ELLE have joined forces to make a totally new, limited edition Nissan Micra. The car, which will be part of the Micra city car range, will have a super-inventive name – the Nissan Micra Elle.

The new car will have more features compared to the standard Micra, including a roof spoiler, a panoramic glass roof, fog lamps, 15in titanium grey alloy wheels and chrome accents added to the lower part of the grille and interior door handles. The limited edition Nissan car has ELLE badges on the front floor mats and door guards as well as the front wings and tailgate which help to make the Micra Elle stand out as something different. The Micra Elle will also have the added extras of automatic air conditioning, electrically folding and heated wing mirrors, cruise control, a speed limiter as well as Nissan Intelligent Key system so that the owner can benefit from a push-button start and keyless entry. There is also the option of having the Nissan Connect sat-nav and infotainment system.

Due to launch in September, the car will be available in just three colours – Alabaster White, Atlas Blue and Shiraz Red. There will also be the choice of a 1.2 litre 80PS three-cyclinder petrol engine and a 1.2 litre 98PS direct-injection supercharged petrol engine.

I think the car will prove to be very appealing to the young professional. Priced at £12,000 on the road, the car is fairly reasonable in cost. Plus, the supercharged engine will be exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty and the London Congestion Charge. This new model is ‘prettier’ and trendier than the classic Micra and is sure to do well, despite the fact that it’s Limited Edition status means that only 500 Micra Elles will reach the UK.

You better look out for it, as it will go quick!


Renault Twizy to be released in April – no licence needed!

30 Mar

The Renault Twizy is the perfect city car; it has plenty of storage space, a compact body and it runs entirely on eco-friendly electricity.

The Twizy comes in the form of two different models. The first requires a full UK driving licence, and is powered by a 15kW motor which a top speed of 50 mph. The second only requires basic training and theory and is powered by a 4kW motor with a limited top speed of 28 mph.  The latter model will become available to 16 year-olds in the UK after the new government legislation is complete, allowing certain vehicles in the light-vehicle category to be driven by people over 16 without a driving licence.

The good news doesn’t stop there, either. The Renault Twizy is also proven to have incredibly low running costs, with the total cost of insurance, maintenance and power estimated to be fifteen per cent lower than that of a three-wheeled scooter. A full charge from UK mains electricity is expected to cost just £1. Purchase prices will start at a fairly reasonable £6,690.

Two people can travel in the Twizy by sitting in tandem with each other, which it’s ideal if you want to try and have a conversation. The passenger gets into the car by tilting the driver’s seat and although there is sufficient space, six footers may be cramped.

Safety has been carefully considered with the new Renault model, there is a four-point seatbelt for the driver and a three-point for the passenger, making the Twizy appear ultra-safe. However, there is one major flaw – you have to pay extra if you want doors. Even if you do pay for doors, there are no windows, which could be a massive issue when if the Great British weather ever kicks in whilst you are out and about. Another concern in regard to the doors is that they tilt forward when they open, creating a ‘wing’ effect.

Its pod styling is most definitely eye-catching, and the Renault Twizy is more visible to other drivers than the regular scooter. It is highly customisable, with oodles of colour and artwork combinations available. Owners can make their vehicle unique to them, which you can’t do with every car on the road.

Renault intended to make Twizy a driver’s second car that could be used for driving around town, running errands and the like. Renault calls it an ‘urban commuting vehicle’. This means that it isn’t in direct competition with other electric cars on the market and it definitely makes the Twizy appeal to a different type of audience.

Although it is classed as a ‘quadricycle’, Twizy features a proper steering wheel as well as pedals. A key is required to get the vehicle running, just like a real car.

Twizy is likely to be favoured by the eco-friendly city person, as well as the 16 year-old who is eager to learn how to drive. No-one knows exactly how well the vehicle will do after it has been released in this country, but all we can do is wait until 13th April to find out. 

New Bentley Concept unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

28 Mar

The Bentley EXP 9 F concept was one the most talked about cars of the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, with Bentley aiming to out-do Porsche and Range Rover in a bid to make the most luxurious SUV in the world. It’s price is expected to be in the region of £140,000 – £150,000, which will make it by far the world’s most expensive 4×4. Bentley presume that all of their current customers have an off-road car from other car manufacturers. It is their intention to make the owners of Range Rovers and the like switch to the Bentley’s answer to the SUV.  The concept is currently going through a stage of potential customer feedback and with very mixed reviews so far, it will be a long time before Bentley are able to produce the car for good, with many predicting a 2015 launch if the concept ever comes off.

Keeping up with their usual premium standards,the Bentley EXP 9 F concept includes the ultimate luxury in interior design, with the most modern technology added to produce an incredibly contemporary car that is both elegant and high-tech. With it’s 4 + 1 capacity, passengers are able to work by using the fold-out keyboard and connecting to the internet via a tablet computer. When travelling in the EXP 9 F, passengers can also relax by taking advantage of the drinks table, powered footrest and screen for watching films, which all make the EXP 9 F concept sound like an ideal dream car. The seats are made of super-soft leather and the carpets are pure wool helping to make the interior the EXP 9 F concept’s best asset.

Externally, the EXP 9 F concept is just as you would expect a Bentley 4×4 to look like, with many the traditional features of the brand thrown into the design. The front of the car has to be the more attractive end, as a classic Bentley look has been achieved with a more sporty  finish. It really does work well, however as  you start to look at the rear of the vehicle, things start to take a rapid downhill turn. The rear end of the car is rather unsightly. It quite simply looks like a box on wheels from the back, and I am not alone in thinking this as many reviews have said precisely the same thing. The new concept is also incredibly big, in fact it is 200mm longer than a Range Rover,which won’t  be ideal when it comes to parking. The whole chassis is based on the massive 23 inch wheels, that are inspired by turbine blades.  As far as looks go, Bentley’s competitors are in the lead, at least for now.